Accessing the ARCS for GIS toolbar in ArcGIS 10

This note explains how to add ARCS for GIS toolbar commands in ArcGIS 10

The note was updated on February 15th 2011 with a fix to make the ARCS for GIS toolbar persistent without having to save it to an MXD.
In previous versions of ARCS for GIS for ArcGIS, the menus and toolbars appeared automatically following the installation of the ARCS for GIS viewer. In version 10 of ArcGIS there’s a problem which stops the toolbar appearing automatically. We’re investigating this and looking to implement a fix to automate the installation process. In the meantime, items can be added to a toolbar manually. The steps to take are listed below. Alternatively, click here to download a short video that shows how to do it.

  1. Install ARCS for GIS for ArcGIS Viewer
  2. Start ArcGIS
  3. Go to Customize->Toolbars->Customize
  4. Click on the ‘Options’ tab and ensure that there’s no selection in the “Create new toolbars and menus in the document’ field
  5. Go back to the ‘Toolbars’ tab and create a new toolbar called ‘ARCS for GIS’ (note that a new toolbar has appeared in the ArcGIS window)
  6. Click ‘Add from file...’ at the bottom of the ‘Toolbars’ tab and browse to the ‘C:\Program Files\Intelliscan\ARCS for GIS Viewer\Viewer’ folder
  7. Open the file ‘ARCS for ArcMAP.dll’
  8. In the ‘Commands’ tab on the ‘Customize’ dialog box, drag each of the commands from the ARCS for GIS Tools category onto the new toolbar
  9. Close the ‘Customize’ dialog box and you’re done

If you require any assistance, please get in touch for help or fill in an online support request.