Installing ARCS for GIS license manager on Windows Server 2003 for clients accessing from a different subnet

Please follow these steps for situations when the hardware key is to be installed on a Windows Server 2003 machine on a different sub-net to that of the client PCs.
These are the instructions for installing ARCS for GIS net hasp license manager for PC clients that will be accessing the software from a different subnet.

These instructions have been put together for Windows Server 2003 32 bit.

There are 7 steps.

Step 1: Install the ARCS for GIS Maintenance Program from the install CD. This software is also available here.

Step 2: Install the Nethasp License Manager and HASP driver software from the install CD.

Step 3: Start the ARCS for GIS Maintenance Program to confirm that the hardware key is located correctly. The PIN entry screen will appear if all is working properly. The software is now available for PC clients to use provided they are on the same sub-net. If the PC clients are on a different sub-net, follow the remaining steps below.

Step 4: Download the file ‘’ from this link and unzip the file.

Step 5: Edit the file and replace the in NH_SERVER_ADDR with the IP address of the Windows Server 32 bit machine.

Step 6: Save the file and copy it into the executable folder of the GIS on each client PC. For ArcMap, copy the file to the folder: C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Desktop10.0\Bin

Step 7: It’s normal for the ARCS for GIS Maintenance program to be run directly on the Windows Server machine. If this is required, no further action is necessary. However, if it’s to be run from a client PC, copy the nethasp.ini file into the folder: C:\Program Files\Intelliscan\ARCS for GIS Maintenance Program

Now, when the GIS or the ARCS for GIS Maintenance Program starts on the client PC it makes a direct call to the Windows 2003 Server to check for the presence of the hardware key instead of broadcasting over the local network.