Setting up access to ARCS managed services

Setting up access to managed services
This note covers the instructions for setting up access to ARCS managed services. Screenshots are from a Windows 7 client but the process is similar using other operating systems.

Pisys Marine offers managed services to keep your ARCS data up to date without you having to. Each week we apply your chart updates and permit updates to a dedicated folder for you on our server and we make that folder available to you securely over the internet.

Managed services are now available through WebDAV which makes the process much simpler than the previous version (that used FTP and third party software).

To access your WebDAV folder you will need the following:
  • Your folder name
Once you have this information please follow these steps to connect to your folder. In this guide we’re using a demonstration folder called ‘mst’.

If you don’t have this information yet or want to sign up for the managed services please contact us and we’ll get you going.

Step 1

In Windows Explorer click on ‘Computer’ and locate the ‘Map network drive’ button at the top.

Step 2

Click on ‘Map network drive’ and enter the following information in the “Folder” field:

Using the example above this would be:

Click on ‘Reconnect at logon’ and click ‘Finish’

You should now see a mapped network drive over SSL in your drive listings in ‘Computer’

Double clicking on that drive brings up a listing of the files in your folder.