C-Map for GIS is an integration of the C-Map worldwide vector dataset with ArcGIS Desktop.

As a vector dataset it is more powerful in that individual layers or sets of layers can be chosen in order to de-clutter the display. It's also possible to interrogate individual objects to see their attributes.

Ask us about our APIs to provide you with crossing points where your proposed cable route intersects with objects such as bathymetry, fishing areas, military exclusion zones and other existing cables.

The C-Map dataset is updated regularly with chart updates and new editions of charts and Notices to Mariners issued by the National Hydrographic Offices.

C-Map for GIS provides worldwide coverage in different scales divided into several levels which means our customers may choose the coverage they require based on their specific needs.

C-MAP for GIS for ArcGIS Desktop is compatible with ArcMap 10.6 or later versions.

Supported Platforms

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